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Lies diese Seite auf deutsch.

You are new to xHain hack+makespace, recently became a member or would like to become one? Then this page is for you. Welcome to xHain, the power of trees be with you \o/

become a member

You can sign up here or send an email to become a member. The monthly minimum fee is 13.37€ and the memberships begins with the first payment. You will be assigned a random tree name, which we kindly ask you to use as description/reason for transfer in your bank transfer to our xhain bank account. You will receive the payment details by email after signing up.

first steps

As a new member the first thing you should do is read and respect our space rules. Before spending time alone in our space, you should have received a personal introduction. If this has not already been done, please ask any member for a guided tour on a Monday evening.

important links and accounts

  • If you haven't done so yet, it is advisable to create an account for our Rocket Chat. This is not mandatory, but it is our main means of communication at xHain between members and it is also open to non-members. We also have a mailing list for members, but we use it sparsely and only for important announcements or dates. Everything else is communicated in the chat.
  • Public announcements about workshops or other events are mainly published in the Fediverse and on Twitter. Please also check our calendar on our webseite for regular events and meetups.
  • Source code of xhain projects can be found on gitlab or github.
  • Project documentations and more can be found in our Wiki. If you would like to contribute, please contact @trial.error or @reimerei via Rocket chat to create an account for you.
  • We also have a nextcloud installation. To get an account please contact @reimerei in our Rocket chat.

We would like to keep the #general chatroom of our Rocket Chat (chat.x-hain.de) clean and clear. Topic specific requests therefore belong in the corresponding chatrooms. Please create separate "channels" or "discussions" for chitchat and small talk. Here is an overview of the most important channels:

  • #general: for general enquiries
  • #maschinenraum: about equipment (especially the laser cutter) that can be found in the machine room.
  • #3dprinters: about 3D printing and printers.
  • #CNC: about the CNC milling machines in the basement and the corresponding meetups of @Martin1001
  • #flohmarkt2: flea market, stuff to give away, or about our (maybe sometime in the future) hardware flea market event
  • #woodlab: about our wood workshop in the basement and wood processing.
  • #textiles: about textiles, sewing- or stitching machines etc.
  • #mouser-orders: enquiries to other members for collective orders
  • #playground: spamchannel to try out functions of the Rocket Chat (e.g. text formatting etc.)
  • #jobs: job offers or looking for jobs

member box, materials, storage at xhain

If you require storage space, you can get a personal box, our so called member box, to store your personal projects and stuff at xhain. Please take anything home with you that doesn't fit into this box. We are not a storage location and do not want to have any large craft or tinkering projects laying around. The same goes for workpieces and materials like wood or acrylic plates etc., do not store them at xhain! We have a general rule that any material you find at xhain may be used by anyone (please donate a small amount into our donation box). Name tags are not valid and will be ignored. However, this is not the case for tools and machinery!

  • We are greatful if you would like to share your personal tools with us, if it is is better or not yet available at xhain. Please label your property with your name. But please be aware that tools may break and xhain will not cover the costs. Before storing your tools at xhain, please ask for permission first.

use of machinery and devices

Please also read the sections on "machinery" and "safety" in our space rules. For the use of the following devices/machines it is mandatory to first receive instructions and permissions from authorized members. Our wiki documentations are only a reminder and do NOT replace personal instruction. If the rules of use are violated, permissions can be revoked.

  • Lasercutter ("Maschinenraum", @felix @lorxor @trial.error)
  • 3D-Drucker ("Maschinenraum", @felix @Noise.james)
  • CNC-Fräsen (basement, @Martin1001)

key authorization

We have an electronically controlled front door called xDoor.
New members can apply for a key after 3 months of paid membership (after the 3 months have passed). Be aware that there is no right to be granted key access to xhain. A small group of active longtime members, the so called "Schlüsselkinder" (latch-key kids), will decide if you will receive a key. A prerequisite to be eligible is that you have recently been active at the space, show up regularly and are generally a friendly, open-minded and trustworthy person (and have been with us for at least 3 months).

  • During times of covid19 we are a little reluctant to grant new key authorizations. We do want to have some activity at our space, but we do not want to encourage regular use by individual members.


These offers are intendet both for members as well as to those interested in xhain.

We would like you to feel comfortable at our space. That's why xhain is a smoke free location. If you’re an asshole, e.g. sexist, racist, or homophobic, please don’t bother coming.
We take inclusivity very seriously and hence have put together an awareness team as well as mentors as personal contacts for you.


xHain hack- and makespace is located on the ground floor. We have a small ramp for the front door. Unfortunately our toilet is not yet accessible for wheelchairs, we (currently) lack the financial means for the reconstruction work that would be necessary. The workbench is elevated and mounted on the wall and is wheelchair accessible. We do not have an elevator and unfortunately the basement is only accessible via stairs. If you have special needs, please send us a message or talk to us, we are always eager to remove barriers.


Based on the idea of chaos mentors at the CCC, we want to make xHain a welcoming place to everyone. xHain is a place for people interested in technology, net politics, hackers, makers and much more. It is not important how much experience you have, but whether you are interested in these and other related topics such as coding, electronics & soldering, woodworking, lasercutting, CNC milling, 3D printing, textiles & sewing, etc. Concerns about "not belonging", not being a hacker or maker (yet) or having special needs should not prevent you from feeling comfortable here. Most of the members are friendly folk you can easily talk to at any time. If you are looking for a personal mentor, you can contact the following people in the Rocket chat:

  • @trial.error (she/her), speaks german/english

Who can be a mentee?

  • basically anyone between the age of 16 and 128, as long as you are interested in xHain, hacking and/or making. A membership is not a prerequisite.
  • this offer is mainly (but not exclusively) intended for people belonging to a minority or disadvantaged/discriminated group, i.e. usually not "white-and-cis-male".

Who is eligible to become a mentor and what do they have to offer a mentee (and what not)?

  • Mentors are xHain members who have been active for at least one year, are often involved in activities and are generally well acquainted with xHain.
  • You can ask for their help and they will point you in the right direction. You will likely run into them on open Mondays nights.
  • If you're looking for company or are shy, you can meet up with a mentor at xHain, she will welcome you at the space, show you around, have a chat and spend some time with you.
  • Mentors are volunteers and not a 24-hour hotline. If we sometimes don't respond promptly, please don't take it personally, we are human beings and sometimes have a lot on our plates too.
  • You are interested in becoming a xhain mentor? Contact @trial.error


If you have personal or confidential concerns, needs, worries or problems in the context of xhain, its use or problems with individual persons or groups, if you want to point out problematic structures or bad experiences you had at xhain, please contact the following people in our Rocket chat. We are motivated to solve any such issues and all information will be kept strictly confidential.

  • @trial.error (she/her), speaks german/english
  • @felix (he/him), speaks german/english/french

xHain is not a club ("Verein")

xHain was founded by Felix Just and is a non-profit company (UG). This is a conscious decision. Member opinions and commitment are welcome and respected. Most decisions are made democratically at member meetings. In critical situations, however, the shareholders have the last word. In this way we ensure that xHain is, will be and will remain the place we want it to be: an open, inclusive and friendly space. If a member shows very problematic behaviour and endangers the well-being of the space and other members (insulting or harassing people, breaking laws, etc.), we reserve the right to cancel the membership without notice. (This is often difficult in an "Verein" structure, hence the company structure.) Fortunately, however, this has never happened before and problems could always be solved through personal conversations.

rent a coworking table

During daytime hours you can rent a coworking table. This is how we cover some of our xhain costs. Coworkers will immediately receive a digital key to be able to open the front door. All our current coworkers are also members and there are currently no tables available. But feel free to ask anyway.