Setting up the xDoor NFC Trigger

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  • Setup connectbot and your key on your phone
  • Install automate by llamalabs
  • Download the flow from the xHain chat #door channel. Remove the .txt extension so you have a .flo file. This contains the automation script or so-called 'flow'.
  • Import the flow in automate and open it.
  • Check that the checkbox for the permissions is set, you might need to install automate network permissions
  • Edit the flowchart (Pencil -> Flowchart)
  • Check the permissions in the 'connect Wifi' block, grant them if necessary, make sure only SSID is set and not BSSID
  • Run the flow via the play button. With an unlocked screen, scan the tag. (It's under the logo sticker.) Connectbot should be opened, connect, and open the door.
  • If the connection fails, make sure it is set properly in connectbot by testing manually. The script always uses the connection named open@xdoor and creates it if necessary. Check that the correct key and 'close on disconnect' is set for this connection.

You might additionally want to enable 'start flows at boot' in automate settings to auto-enable the flow when you switch on the phone.